Um, About That Challenge

Way back in August, I wrote this post about my 25-project challenge. The deal was not to buy any more charts until I had finished 25 projects from my stash. Well, I made it to ten projects before I caved and bought the charts you see in the picture. But it was all for a good cause--I acquired these for a total of only $6 at the "yard sale" my sampler guild held during its January meeting. A portion of the sales went back to the guild for programs and donations.

I know, I know, there are are some of you thinking "Why did she go to the yard sale if she was serious about that challenge?" Well, I hadn't been to a meeting since October. Couldn't go in November since someone was silly enough to invite DH and me to a wedding on that day. Also couldn't go to the December meeting,and thus missed the smalls exchange and the holiday luncheon, because my daughter was auditioning for district band that day. (She made it in and I had a good time exploring the quilt shop in a nearby town as well as seeing a gingerbread house display and getting some really great chocolate-flavored coffee, but that's beside the point). So, really, I was, like, duty bound to go to the January meeting. And anyway, if you check out my other blog (link in the sidebar), you'll find that one of my goals was to complete a 10-project challenge. Cross that one off the list!


  1. You can always chalk it up to helping your guild & leave it at that! ;) Nice new charts, though!

  2. Yeah, chalk it up to helping your guild. But yet, at the same time, if the prices were so good, it's really had to resist them and you will have them for the future. Our Guild did that and it's hard to resist when the prices are so good!


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