Penguin Parade

Here's the first of three quilts I made for my children for Christmas this year. The pattern is Check It Out from Pressed for Time Quiltworks. Super easy and made with fun fabrics from the Polar Brigade line by Moda. This one is for my older son who loves penguins. He loved the quilt and now it's on its way to Los Angeles to be put to good use.

For the first two weeks of 2010, it has certainly felt like those of us in SE Pennsylvania were actually in Antartica. Despite a depressing rain yesterday, it was warmer and today is in the 40s. Feels like spring!! This is a three-day weekend for me and I've been enjoying the extra time. The Christmas decorations had all been gathered in the basement last weekend and I finally got them all boxed up and stored away again this weekend. I went out to the quilt store to pick up my Thimbleberries Block of the Month and while I was there, let myself be talked into the Thangles Buck-a-Block for this year (wasn't too hard a sell!!). I spent part of yesterday working on financial aid forms for my daughter, but couldn't do too much without some tax information. So I put on a book on tape (True Blue by David Baldacci--It's OK, but I don't think anyone in real life talks on and on about being in service to one's country the way his characters do.) and sat down at the Baby Lock. By the time two CDs were done, I had pieced six blocks for my Fall Frolic quilt and screwed up the courage to tackle the pinwheel block from my Tuesday night quilting class. The block's not perfect, but I'm fairly satisfied. Today was spent shopping for a semi-formal dress for my daughter and going out to lunch. I took a book along to read while she tried things on, so we both had a good time.


  1. Love the quilt! I've never tried the Thangles--the buck a block sounds neat! I want to get back into quilting and my husband is excited about it and tells me he'll bring down my unfinished quilt tops from the attic. Then I can hand quilt them. Gulp. Then I think maybe I just am fine with them being up there. I want new fabric and to make new quilt tops and to send them OUT to be quilted! LOL

    Interesting about the David Baldacci book. I've never read anything by him. I do have a friend, though, who works the military into absolutely every conversation that we have. I'll have to suggest that book to her, LOL.

  2. Love the quilt! My eight year old loves penguins too! I'll have to show him this one.

    I live in SE PA too! It feels positively balmy here now compared to what we had recently. I just had my propane tank filled this morning and we'll be grilling out tonite!


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