The Children Were Nestled

In my family, we open our gifts on Christmas Eve. This tradition got its start in my own childhood. I'm assuming my parents started this because we lived in the same small town as my paternal grandparents who had 11 children. Every year, nine of those children and their families would come for Christmas (one child passed away before I was born and one family lived several states away). That meant 22 grandchilden as well. We rented the Community Hall in town so everyone could be together. Obviously, my parents helped a lot with the food shopping and preparation and needed to get things together on Christmas morning. So we had our family gathering a little early. I've continued the tradition with my own children since we have hosted Christmas (and all the other major holiday) dinners since my oldest was born. We go to church, come home and have snacks and enjoy a leisurely time opening the gifts.

This year, I made a quilt for each of the kids with the plan of putting it on their beds Christmas morning. I almost got them out last night, but stuck with my original plan. This morning, I went into my oldest's room and tucked his quilt around him. My oldest is like me and can sleep through anything--he actually slept through Hurricane Rita when he was in his dorm room in Miami. But this morning, he woke up a little bit while I was putting the quilt on and said "Thanks." Who could ask for a better Christmas present?


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. I loved looking through yours. Loved the quilts. I am sure your children loved such a special gift.


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