All I Want for Christmas

My husband and I have always taken a lot of pleasure in giving each other gifts at Christmas. When we were first married, he used to do his shopping two or three days before Christmas. Then, one year, he caught a nasty flu and was flat on his back on December 23. There weren't presents for me that year and even though we shopped the after-Christmas sales together, it wasn't the same. He learned his lesson and since then has always been on-time and very generous. Last year, though, neither of us could think of anything we really wanted. I think it was partly the economic climate and partly the fact that while we are not great consumers, we pretty much buy ourselves whatever we want/need during the year. So we agreed to no gifts, and I've got to tell you that wasn't much fun. This year, we gave each other modest lists although once again, I had a hard time thinking of something I wanted. I do need a new wallet so that went on my list.

But what I really wanted, and no one could give me, is time to enjoy the holiday season. Then, yesterday, the Philadelphia area was hit with a major snowstorm. I ran out at 6 in the morning to do a quick grocery store errand and then was in for the rest of the day. My son in LA called at 8:30 to tell us his flight had been cancelled. It was due in at 4:30 which was to be the height of the storm. That took care of the only worry I had and I spent the rest of the day writing Christmas cards, cleaning, doing some wrapping, reading a book and working on Christmas ornaments. I got the top for the jewelry box we're giving my daughter for her birthday tomorrow stitched and mounted. I'm about to bake my first batch of cookies. My son left a message last night that he'll be in on Tuesday and that the airline is flying him in first class. I feel rested and ready. Let the holidays begin!


  1. I'd love to be all warm and snug in my house (with electricity) while it snowed and snowed and snowed! It sounds like you had a fantastic day.


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