WIPocalypse January 2017

I have another finish!  This is Love and Live Happy by Guild House Samplers.  I saw two versions of this piece at the needlework show in Woodlawn several years ago, and tried to track down the chart at the time.  The designer is Pamela Darney but she didn't have a website at the time.  (She still doesn't, but I understand she is working on it).   I sort of forgot about this piece and of course, I had a *few* other things to stitch!  Then Caryl C. showed her completed piece at one of our guild meetings and loaned me the chart.  I did mine on 36ct. white Edinburgh with the Gloriana silks recommended on the chart.  This was lots of fun to stich and I had fun with the color variations in the silks, particularly Red Clay. 

Guild House Samplers was supposed to be one of the vendors at Annie's Needlework Festival in Williamsburg last December but she ended up not having any items at her table.  Pam spoke at the opening banquet about architecture in needlework and I understand that she is teaching a class in Williamsburg in March.  I hope this designer finds a way to get her charts to a larger market!

Measi's question for the month was "What Stitch-a-Longs (SALs) are you participating in this year?"  I'm involved in two.  A group of stitchers, some of whom belong to the duClay EGA, are stitching Victorine Delacroix (The Essamplaire) over the course of two years.  I'm waaay behind, but hoping catch up during the summer when there is a break from the stitching schedule on this piece.  My other SAL is also with duClay.  Members could choose one of Brenda Keyes' charts to stitch during the year.  I'm doing Sampler Houses and my progress  so far is not much further than this.  It's going to become my travel piece, so maybe I'll have more to show at next month's check-in.


  1. Beautiful finish! Good luck with your SALs this year!

  2. What a stunning finish! Congratulations to you! I hope she offers it to the general stitching population; I would snap it up in a heart beat. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Lovely finish! Congratulations!

  4. your finish is BEAUTIFUL Susan - I love Quakers! I haven't done any more than about 50 stitches on Victorine. I just can't get in the mood to work on it. It is always nice to be part of SAL groups to encourage us along. Cheers Mel


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