WIPocalypse 2017

I know, I know--this blog was silent for six months and suddenly I've started posting every day.  Please don't expect that to continue!  The beginning of a new year has brought the opportunity to set some goals and participate in a few fun things around the guild so I have some extra things to write about.

Measi  has been hosting the WIPocalypse for several years.  This month, she asked participants to introduce themselves and talk about projects and goals for the year.  The duClay Chapter of EGA has a challenge every year and it's a great way to set priorities.  These are my projects for the WIPocalypse and duClay.

1.  Ann Smith by Scarlet Letter--I started this on Super Bowl weekend last year and stitched on it a lot during 2016, but I still have a long way to go.  This will be my focus in 2017.

2.  Sampler Houses by Brenda Keyes-This was a New Year's Day start for a SAL with duClay.
3.  Anniversaries of the Heart by Blackbird Designs-I have completed everything through May.  June and July are nearly done so I feel confident I'll finish the whole piece this year.

4.  Scottish sewing set by Guila Manfredini-One of my classes at Williamsburg.  I already have the scissors sheath and the fob stitched.  There is a thread keep and a sewing roll to stitch as well.
5.  Finishing for Scottish sewing set

6.  Random Thoughts by Drawn Thread-This has been on my to-stitch list for years and I finally started it on Chrstimas Day.

7.  Live, Love and Be Happy by Guild House Samplers-A smallish Quaker sampler

8.  Paris canvas-Something I've had kitted up and ready to go for over a year

OK, I think I'm organized and focused for the year!  I'll be back next week with an update.


  1. Read through your posts (I'm behind on blog reading. Love that you're doing WIPocalypse! Love your list of projects and looking forward to seeing those finishes!

  2. Your list is impressive and I look forward to seeing your progress on your pieces. Go Susan!

  3. I started my first Scarlet Letter design this year and love it so far. Lots to do, and going between over one and over two keeps me on my toes. Hope to see pictures of your samplers as time goes on.

  4. wow - I leave blogland for a few days and I miss 4 posts by Susan ! LOVE IT ! I hope you do continue to blog a little more often and show your progress on all these wonderful things you are nominating for our 2017 challenge. I LOVE your BK SAL piece. I think I have that in stash. I used to buy every single chart BK put out but I had to stop because - well you know.......... I'm sorry you've had such a year to contend with. sounds like it was trying. Take care and I hope you and DH have a simply marvelous 2017! hugs Mel

  5. You have some great projects on your list, I look forward to seeing your progress


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