This Has Been Challenging

I'm participating in year long challenges with both the duClay EGA chapter in Jacksonville, FL and my local guild, Delaware Valley Historic Sampler Guild (  The challenges are similar since both allowed participants to choose up to a specified number of pieces to focus on during the year, and prizes may be awarded for completion. 

Delaware Inspiration from Heart's Ease Examplar Workes is my main focus piece this year.  Here's where I was a week ago.   Notice the vines and leaves on the upper right?  They have been ripped out and re-stitched twice, both times because I was off by one vertical thread. 

The frogs have been banished from my house and this is where I was as of last night.  I'm using the Belle Soie silks called for in the chart, and the colors are amazing. 


  1. It is looking good, Susan. Sorry you had to frog and hopefully you won't have any more visits.

  2. oh deliver me from frogs! I'm so sorry - this sounds horrible Susan. We are so glad to have you participating in duClay's challenge. We look so forward to seeing you next month. Mel

  3. I had a case of the frogs too. I stitched a row of fish 3 times. I hope they're banished for a long time from both of our homes!

    You're making great progress! Looking forward to retreat!

  4. That is a gorgeous piece - fingers crossed the frog stays away!!

  5. It looks so gorgeous! Love it!

  6. Stunning stitching, if you ask me.


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