WIPocalyse Check-in #4

                                                           Chapter 2, Not For Us Alone
                                                    February, Anniversaries of the Heart

It seems that I frequently participate in Friday Night Sew-In, but rarely get the chance to come back here and show you what I've done.  So I'll combine that with April's check-in for the WIPocalyse.  I did some work on Not For Us Alone on Friday night although there was some frogging involved and my progress seems minimal.  The man finally got a face and hat, but he still looks like he has a tail since I need to fill in a few stitches on his coat.  Hopefully, this week, the lady on the left will no longer be headless!  Thanks for all your comments on my earlier post about this piece.  I'm still OK with the Montenegrin stitch as it goes quickly.

I finished the February chart for Blackbird Designs Anniversaries of the Heart and personalized it with my mother's name and birthdate.  I had backstitched around the date on the door since there was little contrast between the called for threads for the door and the number.  After taking this photo, I decided I didn't like the backstitching so I removed that and restitched the number with the dark red thread of the basked.  I also removed the chain stitches around the blue leaves.  I'm stitching this on a higher count than the model and the chain stitch just looked to cramped. 

My other big project this weekend has been getting ready for my sampler guild's retreat coming up on Friday.  I'm really looking forward to this and have been planning which projects I want to take along.  More on that later!


  1. Oh lucky -- I hope you have fun at your guild's retreat! Love your Not For Us Alone so far. I so need to get back to that one. Still haven't taught myself the Montenegrin. lol! Love your AotH too!

  2. Your Not For Us Alone looks wonderful. Enjoy your retreat.

  3. NFUA is such a beautiful sampler and yours is looking great! Wonderful AOTH. Enjoy the retreat!

  4. Good progress, I'll be posting mine tonight


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