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Tomorrow morning, I'll be leaving for a three day retreat with my sampler guild* in Ocean City, Maryland. This will be my second time on the retreat although the guild has been doing these on a semi-annual schedule for a few years. I have a great time last year relaxing in the hotel lobby, chatting, and looking out at the ocean while stitching away. The problem was, there may have been a little too much chatting and gazing at the ocean as I had to frog the border on my piece in several places when I returned home. That problem isn't limited to stitching retreats as I've had to rip out and restitch on pieces that I've worked on at guild meetings. So, finally, I've learned that I need to keep it simple. I've chosen two pieces for retreats and guild meetings that should keep miscounting and misplaced stitches to a minimum. My bag for retreat is going to contain Carriage House Samplings Alphabet and a needlepoint canvas I picked up on Sanibel Island in Florida during our vacation last December. I started the CHS Alphabet eons ago and when I dug it out of the bottom of the WIP bag a few months ago, was quite surprised to find I had not completed even one letter! I'll be working on the borders for the letters and possibly on filling in the bottom of the blocks. Tough to miscount on those, right?

*I know that I've mentioned my guild a number of times on this blog but have never identified it. One of the other members commented on a post here recently and that reminded me that she was the one who first told me about the Delaware Valley Historical Sampler Guild when I saw her post about it on the Legacy Embroiderers board. Another member who ran an on-line shop also invited me to meetings and I've found some wonderful people and lots of inspiration in the group. Check us out at for details about our meetings and join us if you're in the area.


  1. Good for you for learning from past experience! I like the projects you've picked for your retreat. And you're right -- frogging seems unlikely on them too. Hope you have a great time on your retreat!

  2. Glad you are coming this time. It will be sooooo relaxing. Who cares about the weather?!

  3. So glad to hear you are "retreating" this weekend Susan with your sampler guild - I am also "retreating" to St Simons Island GA with my rug guild but there will be a lot of switch crafting going on - several friends are dual members of the sampler guild so we'll be stitching hooking and knitting. Love what you picked to take - I am still in the "picking process" better hurry we leave at 8am - Enjoy your weekend Mel

  4. have fun at your retreat hope you don't have to frog at all!

  5. Did you take the Ellen Chester classes (I believe that's the same build I just read about on her blog and on Robin's - stitch witch). Sounds like the same retreat she is going on too - hope you gals had fun whereever you stitched.

    I haven't been to Sanibel Island since forever ago - about 30 years. I bet it has changed. We used to spend some time there as my great-Aunt had a condo she rented to my parents. I loved making the run to Captiva also, to walk the beaches.

  6. Have loads of fun! Great idea to limit stitching to simpler things.


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