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I've been working on Grace Mason (Of Female Worth) for the last couple of weeks.  Grace has been a WIP for quite some time.  I remember that it was the first piece I picked up after my mother's funeral four years ago and that turned out to be so appropriate.  There will be a verse from the "virtuous woman" section of Proverbs centered on the lower half of the sampler.  That passage was the one the minister used as the basis for his sermon at Mom's funeral.  I also remember stitching some of the border as I sat with my then 90-year old aunt three years ago and listened as she wrestled with having to give up her apartment and her independence and move into assisted living. I was originally attracted to the sampler because of the colors and because of the Scottish style (my husband's family was originally from Scotland).

I think now it's time to finish this one and I've been enjoying it.  It has a variety of stitches including four-sided, double running, a few Smyrnas and lots of over one.  I've been trying to outline areas and do the fill-in if I'm tired.  Tonight I'm planning to stitch more of the border when I watch the Univeristy of Miami Hurricanes defeat Maryland.  I hope all of you in the US are also enjoying your Labor Day holiday.


  1. She is beautiful. I have several pieces that bring back memories of what was happening in my life while stitching. I also document them on the back of the piece when framed...

    sherry :0)

  2. Grace is a beautiful sampler. I hope it brings back wonderful memories of your mother.

  3. Wow, it's such a beautiful sampler! It's nice that it's so connected to your mother's memory as well.

  4. What a lovely sampler! I do hope you finish it, it's nice it has some personal connections for you. Those big reproduction samplers are so much work but incredible when finished. Have a wonderful September!

  5. What a beauty of a sampler . The colors are stunning!

  6. A stunning sampler, I can see why you are enjoying it !!


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