Friday Finish

I'm introducing what I hope will be a fairly regular feature of this blog, the Friday Finish.

Here's a recent quilting finish, a project for my "Scrap Club" class.  We focused on applique for a few months and used a book that had lovely patterns for "toppers" for quilts and banners.  For once, I decided to start much smaller and made a placemat.  All the pieces were done with double-sided fusible interfacing even though we were encouragd to do at least one piece with freezer paper.  I felt it was better to stick with one method at a time!  I used my machine to stitch a blanket stitch around all of the pieces except the "string" on the balloon (which is in kind of a weird position, but I can live with it).  The string is zig-zagged.  I drew some stars on the background to add extra quilting there.  I had hoped to finish this one in time for my husband's big birthday, but missed that deadline.  I also missed my birthday.  Looks like me daughter will be the one to usher in our new tradition of using a birthday placemat.


  1. That's a really cute little placement. The balloons and stars in combination with the background fabric you chose makes it look like it's floating in outer space.

  2. I like the idea of a birthday place mat - the stars and balloons are SUPER CUTE!!

  3. I like it! It is so bright and cute.

  4. Very cute bday placemat! Nice finish.

    sherry :o)

  5. Nice--great idea to do a birthday placemat!


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