Multitasking at Its Best

I periodically attend inservice presentations at a local center that is part of a statewide training network. Usually the presentations are telecast to the center that I go to. I often see the same people at the inservices and one of them is a woman who brings her needlepoint to work on while whatever expert is on the screen talks away. I've always wanted to join that woman in stitching while learning and now I have--only not in public. Before and after vacation, I listened to an on-line conference for about 30 hours (lots of different presenters, thank goodness). While I listened and occasionally glanced at the powerpoint slides, I sat on my couch and stitched on Hester's Needle Grace and Truth and all that multi-tasking led to another finish. I'm sure someone is going to look at my collected works someday and comment that 2010 was a very good stitching year.

I started this sampler last year as my reward for having the scale dip below a certain number. The sampler is successfully completed, but my weight loss program not so much. I'm a very lapsed lifetime member of Weight Watchers and since it worked for me 10 years and a much faster metabolism ago, I've decided to rededicate myself to following the program. I notice several other bloggers have become WW members in the past six months or so and that has also spurred me on to another try. I may or may not give updates on my progress.

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  1. Your finish is beautiful! What a great use of time.

    1. I could not agree more. I use the same method myself. I just sit at home and knit or stitch and listen some sport radio program.

  2. What a gorgeous finish! Great use of your listening time, I'd say.

    I am also a lapsed WW lifetimer. Just went for a 20+ minute walk/run earlier. Must take off the pounds.... am craving nachos this very minute!
    My metabolism has slowed to a crawl since having the radioactive iodine treatment recently. UGH!

    Good luck on your quest - it's just not fun. I try to remind myself that "Nothing tastes as good as thin feels" but sometimes (more often than not), wanting that taste wins out.

  3. Gosh, Susan, that is so gorgeous!! Love the colors and the verse, and what an accomplishment to multi-task and get this beauty completed! Yay!!!

  4. Your sampler is beautiful. Congratulations on another finish.

  5. I love the sampler - it is really beautiful. Don't you just love those times when it all clicks and you finish one thing after another!

  6. Good for you on the multitasking! I love your finish -- the colors are just wonderful! Good luck with the weight watchers. I just don't seem to be successful with the weight thing. Ever.

  7. Lapsed WW here too! We should start a support group. Anyway, I've done the same thing, re-dedicated to the program. The pounds MUST go!

    Love your finish! I've not seen this particular sampler so now, I'm on the prowl!

  8. Oh wow Susan - that Hester's Needle sampler is beautiful - colors are so vivid and rich and good for you with taking the plunge and stitching during the teleconferences. Since I don't see so well - my choice is always knitting for things like that. I am looking forward to a break in this oppressive heat so I can start walking again after work. Of course I've slipped into the ice cream dream land of summer lately - SO BAD a habit to eat ice cream before going to bed. Mel


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