Going, Going. . .

We're becoming expert movers as the past two weekends we have loaded up the van to move two of our children to college. Daughter's move is on the top and middle son's is on the bottom. LOTS of stuff is now gone from our house and we are technically empty nesters. Just have to get rid of the mountain of stuff my older son has parked in the basement and we will truly have a more empty nest.

Both college moves went smoothly. Our daughter's roommate is from Hawaii (I've already researched flights) and didn't arrive until early evening. That gave us the chance to work in the room without bumping into anyone else. After everything was set up and we retrieved the refrigerator that I had ordered (LOVE being able to order online and pick up in the store at Best Buy!), my husband and I waited with our daughter for awhile. Eventually we decided to go to our hotel and she contacted the girl from her high school who also goes to her university so they could get together. We all left the room together and our daughter didn't even look back as she headed across campus! She seems to be having the time of her life and is getting along well with her roommate, so all is good on that front.

Our middle son opted to have surgery on his hand after he spent a night without the splint. That happened on Tuesday and it went well. He was so funny in recovery when he told me how he kept asking one of the nurses out. She was a really cute blonde, so I guess I don't blame him! The stitches will be in until the end of this week and he has a pretty impressive looking bandage so he couldn't do some of the heavy lifting for his move back to school. My son has had the same roommate since freshman year and they have the same room they had last year. They didn't like the furniture arrangement last year and planned something different this fall. My husband was on hand to help with the heavy lifting and elevation of beds. I made my son's bed and emptied the boxes and suitcases we were bringing home with us and then we left them to get settled. And drove home to a (somewhat) empty house. This may take some getting used to.


  1. My daughter goes back to college the middle of September, so we haven't done that yet. Our son is a junior in hs -- no empty nest for another two years for us. Hope the somewhat empty house is enjoyable!

  2. Ahh that brings back some great memories of heading back to college in the fall - wish I was going now! Thought I was following your blog already Susan but found somehow I wasn't so I will keep up better now. Belated congratulations on your Keep Me finish - that sampler has long been on my list! I love the quote about deadlines swooshing by....have to write that one down LOL.

  3. I can't wait (and dread) this phase of life which is quickly approaching. My DS is a HS senior and he won't be leaving right away...but it will be soon enough.


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