Home Again

I'm back! (Although you didn't even know I was away). We were in Orlando for five days to attend the wedding of a very good friend and to get in a short vacation before we start the work of moving our children to various places in August. We enjoyed strolling around Lake Eola in Orlando, wandering on Park Avenue in Winter Park, and eating dinner at the Millenia Mall.

We spent one day at Universal since my daughter wanted to see the new Harry Potter area. I am so not a rollercoaster person which is one of the two reasons my family has never visited Disney World. (The other reason is that when they were younger, my kids were not good at waiting in line.) But I was brave and went on the Dueling Dragons ride which turned me upside down a time or two. I kept telling myself that I had been through childbirth three times and really, how much worse could a rollercoaster ride be. My daughter is an amusement park veteran and advised me to sit on my sandals so I wouldn't lose them during the ride--who knew?? I was white-knuckled the entire time (all of three minutes??) and it took about five minutes for my heart rate to return to normal, but I survived. The Harry Potter ride inside Hogwarts is very cool. I'm sure we weren't more than three or four feet off the ground at any time so I felt safer. It was like an Imax movie on steroids since we really were flying with Harry and getting "venom" spit on us from spiders. Wish I could have talked my family into standing in line to go on the ride again.

We also spent a day in St. Augustine since I feel I'm not a responsible parent if I don't drag my children to some historical place or another when we're on vacation. It would have been nice to have more time to spend in St. Augustine or to have gone when it was cooler since there are several museums that looked interesting. We chose to visit the Fountain of Youth site and got to drink some of the water that Ponce de Leon thought would keep him young. It has a lot of minerals in it, including sulphur which, of course, gives it a distinctive odor. We also took the trolley tour which gave a good overview of the area, but I wish that we had had time to see Flagler College which has a number of Tiffany windows. That, and the quilt shop we drove by on the tour.

The wedding was lovely and the bride was gorgeous. The couple got married on the 6th anniversary of their first date--in his toast, the best man questioned why they couldn't have started dating in January instead of July since the air conditioning failed just as we were heading into the reception. It got fixed but not before I lost approximately five pounds in water weight.

During some time relaxing in our hotel room, I listened to podcasts from Quilting for the Rest of Us which I discovered through Denise's blog and finished stitching Bloom. It's stitched on 19 count antique ivory cork linen with Watercolours. Very fun to do and very fast to stitch. I'll be turning it into a pillow sometime soon, I think. The "Doubles" part of the chart is that crossstitch chart is accompanied by directions for doing the design in wool applique. Since this will appeal to those of you who come to look at my quilts and those who stitch, and since it's my 100th post, I'll be giving this chart away to anyone who leaves a comment by midnight on August 8. (Please don't post this giveaway on other blogs.)


  1. Glad you had a good vacation. I always figured Disney World was one of the few amusement parks that was good for non-roller coaster lovers like me and you. :D It has lots of other kinds of rides after all. Love your finish! And I'd love to be entered in your giveaway. Thanks!

  2. Susan, your Bloom turned out beautifully! Congrats on getting it finished, with the excitement of the wedding and all of those roller coasters! lol

  3. Love your Bloom piece... it's going to look fabulous finished as a pillow.
    Your vacation sounded fun, except for the roller coaster and no air conditioning part. I'd love to be entered in your giveaway. Thanks!

  4. sounds like your vaca was nice - although I agree, hot that time of year. I never thought of sitting on my shoes during the ride, but I also haven't lost them on one either.

  5. Susan - I am so disappointed you were as close as St Aug to me and I did not get to meet you. You are right - you simply must do the Flagler College tour - it is the largest collection of intact Tiffany glass outside of NY I think. Also when you were on Park Avenue in Winter Park (another fave place of mine) there is the Morse Tiffany Museum - it is fabulous too. My fave NP shop (the Black Sheep) used to be on Park Avenue and I spent many happy weekends there taking classes. the long time owner sold the shop a few years back and the new owner moved it off the avenue and I have not been since she moved. Please let me know if you come to this area again and maybe we could at least meet for lunch. I would like to do that Harry Potter world but it will have to wait for cooler weather - WHEW - I can't believe all you did in this heat - I'm getting WAY tired of it now. I love your Bloom finish and I'd like to be entered in the giveaway. Thanks Mel

  6. Found your blog through Deb's. Your Bloom is beautiful, would love to stitch it. Please enter me in your giveaway!


  7. I am glad you had such a good time.


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