OK, I'm Done Now

I mentioned in a previous post that I had been on a bit of a buying spree. I took advantage of the Pajama Party sale at my LNS although I shopped from home in my pjs and got the chart, fabric and threads for Drawn Thread's Cici's Casket. Then I put myself on automatic for Blackbird Designs Anniversaries of the Heart and ordered fabric so that I could stitch all the charts on one piece. And finally, I picked up Carriage House Samplings Autumn at Hawk Run Hollow and Suzannah before they go out of print. I'm done now and a 25-project challenge is officially beginning. No more charts until I've completed 25 cross stitch projects. My husband predicts that LNSs will go out of business when I'm on these challenges, but I'm sure that you all will be picking up the slack for me, right?


  1. Sure, I'll pick up the slack for you! I tried that 25 project challenge - I lasted for about two projects and then it was all over! Good Luck!!

  2. We share the same LNS! It was a fun sale morning - I had my story all planned out in case I was pulled over in my PJs on the way to the sale!

  3. I am so there with you Susan! I have been going crazy with CHS and Goode Huswife...think I need to crawl back on the "stitch own stash" wagon with you!

  4. Sounds like a nice spree, Susan!! I remember going to those sales. I even shaved my legs for them! LOL

    PS--are you trying to tell me something when my word verification is 'apsycho'????

  5. so - does it count if the project is a little stitch...I could see myself doing one bigger one, then only do 24 ornaments or something to be able to lift the challenge LOL...good luck!


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