Double Dipping

Robin posted a WIP challenge awhile back and I entered. My sampler guild usually has a stitch-a-long, but this year, we are to choose a piece already in our stash (started or not) for completion. My piece for both of these is Moira Blackburn's Keep Me Sampler which was the one I was stitching at the first guild meeting I attended back in 2006. I've done a little more on it since this photo was taken. My mini-goal for the week is to finish the top right (fence, vine, border) with a bonus goal of finishing one of the trees on the right. And maybe figure out if/where I went wrong on the border on the left. The plan is to stitch on this pretty much exclusively until it's done.


  1. Very pretty sampler....hope you make great progress!

  2. I just love this sampler! Yours is gorgeous! I will root for you -- go go go!

  3. I love when I double dip, whether personally or at work - like faxing while copies are running...and with projects! Beautiful sampler and look forward to seeing the progress!

  4. Susan, it is just beautiful! Moira does the most wonderful designs. Cheering you on to the last stitch!

  5. I am sure you will tame it. One stitch at a time and you will cross the finish line before you know it.


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