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Maybe I've left this display up in my entry way a little too long this year because we've just had our fourth (or is it fifth) snow storm of the year. Plus flurries yesterday and again this morning. It got us an early dismissal from school on Thursday (totally not necessary in my opinion since the stuff wasn't even sticking on the road. Oh, well, I had time to finish up a few reports, go get my nails done and still arrive home by 3:30.) and a snow day on Friday.

I spent part of Friday afternoon in my sewing area working on a block from Sylvia's Bridal Quilt. My quilt guild is doing four blocks a month from this book and I joined in to increase my skills. Using templates is a new experience for me and not always successful on the first try. I don't really plan to keep up with four blocks a month, but eventually I'll make enough for a quilt.

The rest of Friday afternoon was spent playing with these blocks and others like them. They're for a quilt called "Fall Frolic" in Evelyn Sloppy's book 40 Fabulous Quick Cut Quilts. These are "my" colors and I had lots of fun choosing the combinations. Another storm is predicted for Wednesday this week and then the rumors are flying about the 40" the Farmer's Almanac says we are getting the first weekend in March. So expect to see the completed quilt top soon!


  1. The amount of snow that you've gotten this year is just unbelieveable! I know that you're going to be so happy to see Spring come this year. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that the Farmer's Almanac is wrong - they usually are! Your quilt looks great so far. I'm just starting on a quilt that I have to use templates for and I know I'm in for some trouble!

  2. Your quilt looks great! I hope spring comes to your part of the world soon!

  3. I hope you will see the sun of the spring soon.


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