Quilting 201

Quilting 201 is the class I've been taking at my LQS every Tuesday night since the beginning of January. We've been making a different block each week and I have learned soooo much! The instructor photocopied both the front and back of the blocks so we could see how to press the seams. I can now accurately sew and cut half-square and quarter-square triangles. I can do flying geese with precision and I'm much more confident on foundation piecing. My goal was to take my quilting skills to the next level and I've certainly gotten a start on this from taking the class. And don't you love these fabrics? The "Love" print is from a line last year called "Love is in the Air." The dark pink is from a new line called Whimsicals (I think). These aren't my usual colors at all but these are going to look great for the table runner I'll make out of the class blocks.


  1. I love the way your teacher is teaching your quilting class. I wish I'd been taught this way. Not only are you learning a lot, you're learning all the little tips and tricks that really make it easier and that take a long time to learn. Way to go!

  2. That is such a great block - just love the fabrics. And that is one good teacher that will show you the front and back and teach you about how to iron the seams. I've been quilting for a while, and I wish that someone had pointed that out to me back then. All those tips, like Jackie said above, will make things so much easier as you go along.

  3. That's a fantastic block--great job!

  4. Hi Susan - stopping by to comment on your blog while I have my laptop out. You know I am a faithful follower and reader of your blog but can't comment on my new PC - have to drag out my laptop.

    Anyway - what a pretty quilt square and it sounds like this is excellent methodolgy (is that a word?) for learning new techniques. I always enjoy your comments on my blog - hope you are enjoying all the snow up your way - NOT - stay safe and warm if you can - Melody


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