Coming Out of Hibernation

Can't believe it's been almost three weeks since my last post! We've been through two major snowstorms in southeast PA since that time and I ended up having a whole week off--one sick day to get into the doctor before the storm in case the cough and tightness in my chest and back wasn't just a bad cold (apparently not since she prescribed an antibiotic), three snow days in a row, and President's Day. I read two books (cannot remember the last time I read a book in one day outside of being on an airplane), pieced and backed a coverlet that my LQS will send to Haiti, worked on the Thangles Buck-A-Block from 2009 (in the picture) and began piecing the blocks for the 2010 Thimbleberries Block of the Month. So, all in all, a very restful time during which I barely got out of my pajamas each day. The nicest part was that for each snow day, we got the call that school was cancelled the night before, so I didn't even have to set the alarm.

My other big project during the time off was doing the taxes so that I could file the FASFA and other financial aid forms for my son and daughter. For those of you who have never dealt with these forms, they ask all sorts of questions about how much you currently have in your bank account (not enough!), how much you have left to pay on your home (too much!) and whether you are willing to sell your first born to pay for college. OK, I made that last part up, but you get the idea. I find this process to be a huge pain, but I'm proud to say that I have finished it for this year.

And to further prove that I haven't been a total slug, I drove about 2.5 hours to see my son at college last Sunday. He went on a camping trip to the Everglades with others from his school at the beginning of January, and he'll be going on a spring training trip with the track team over his spring break at the end of February. He won't be home until Easter, so this was a good chance for me to check up on him. And thankfully, I found he's doing very well. I took him and his roommate to lunch and was pleased to see that they get along so well. During lunch he announced that he had a date for the evening. He was taking her to dinner and a movie and had already bought her a big box of candy. We stopped to get some flowers before I dropped him off at the dorm. What a sweetheart! But then, my husband has been a good role model all these years.


  1. Love the red and white in the quilt squares and it sounds like you've gotten a lot done. What a fun visit with your DS!

  2. Hi Susan! Love your blog! I love the whole stay in your pj's, and your quilting and reading. Not so much the FAFSA....glad those days are behind me. Also, checked out your 101 things site. I like how you did that. I couldn't think of a way so that is how I came up with my small changes idea. Also, sounds like you did a good job mom! with you son. Hope the date went well. And no, not one stitch on my etui finishing. I think I am too scared to start.

  3. I'm just drooling over those red and white quilt squares! They are so pretty!

  4. Love the red and white!

    Sounds like you made the best of the snow days!

  5. It sounds like a very productive couple of weeks! :) Love the quilt blocks!

  6. How nice work! You can be proud of your son.


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