Not For Us Alone

Not For Us Alone, a sampler by Amy Mitten, was up during the last rotation spot. I started this as a SAL with Ellen Chester's Samplerband and, of course, other projects and life got in the way before I got very far. This patterns for this design come in seven chapters and each chapter has part of a mystery. The chart is easy to read and the fibers are wonderful. This design has lots of Montenegrin stitch, as many of Amy's designs seem to have. I bought her book, Autopsy of the Montenegrin Stitch, and the diagrams are a great help. Here's my progress on Chapter 2.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. Hello Susan, I saw your post on the WIP forum on Legacy and here I am. :) Glad you started a blog - it's fun. I have that same book on the Montenegrin stitch - no way would I have managed one of my Darlene O'Steen samplers without it! I am adding your blog to my list to follow. Great stitching!

  2. Susan - your NFTA looks great - I have seen this finished and it is magnificent but I knew I would not want to work that hard so I passed on the SAL opportunity. Good luck and keep us posted. Mel


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