Attracting a crowd

My family and I have a standing joke about something that seems to happen to us on a fairly regular basis. We can enter a store or other public area and be the only people there, but within a few minutes, several other groups show up. We're quite proud of our "ability" to attract crowds. :)

Well, it seems that we needleworkers are doing just that these days. I saw an article by Molly Albertson in our local weekly paper that began "Crafting is hot again." She goes on to discuss how the recession is bringing out the urge to create and how families who are now spending more time at home are doing craft projects together. She goes on to quote from the Craft and Hobby Association website that "Crafting has proven health benefits, both emotional and physical. Whether providng a sense of accomplishment, relaxation or memory keeping, crafting has therapeuitc benefits that are appealing to people of all ages, looking for a creative outlet....Knitting, sewing, scrapbooking, quilting, or almost any craft can help people by reinforcing the many emotional and social benefits associated with foucs and repetition."

But we already knew that, didn't we?

Waving to the crowd. . .


  1. waving to you Susan! Hope you have a nice weekend and many happy stitches mel

  2. That is not any surprise. Needlework is good for one's mental well - being, at least if someone asks me.


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