Memorial Day Musings

On Friday, my husband had to have his car towed to the dealership when the 'check engine' light came on. I mentioned this to the guidance counselor at my school and also remarked that exactly one year ago on May 22nd that my older son had been driving in Florida when the engine in his car seized up. When I heard the details, it was very frightening--he was in the left lane, passing a panel truck when he lost all power and brake functions. He managed to get the car to the shoulder and was safe. It turned out that the cap had been left off the oil pan when he had the car serviced several weeks before and had been slowly losing oil. (It all ended well with him being safe and the dealership replacing the engine, but thinking about the "what ifs" still causes me to shudder.)

The guidance counselor talked about how there may be a pattern to these events and perhaps I should look at what they are telling me. Then I recalled that four years ago on Memorial Day weekend my son had a minor car accident and my mother was moved to a nursing home. Two years ago on Memorial Day weekend we were at my mother's funeral. The end of May is always extremely busy with the need to finish up the paperwork for my job in a school coinciding with the many end-of-year activities for my children. Maybe the message here is to slow down and take stock of what is really important. This may be especially important as we are about to face some life changes with our last child entering her senior year of high school and my husband's prediction that his company will offer him a buy-out this summer.

So, in the spirt of slowing down, I spent quite a bit of time yesterday working on Petit Sampling Etui. Here's where this work-in-progress stands at the moment:

Today started with a trip to the quilt store for their 40% off sale. More on that later. Enjoy your day!


  1. Welcome to the blogging world!!! I love your progress on Petit Sampling Etui, I have it kitted up but haven't started it yet. Right now I'm diligently working on Not For Us Alone, almost done with Part 2. Hope to get to Part 3 by tomorrow.

  2. Welcome to blogging! I love it... Your Petit Sampling Etui looks great. I'm looking forward to seeing more pics!

  3. Welcome to the blogging world! That xs - picture is beautiful.


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