WIP Wednesday

I'm dipping my toe back into blogland with this picture of my progress on Susan Rambo on 36 count with NPI silks.   My fabric is much darker, and I love the way the colors pop.

Rest assured that although I have been silent for a few months, all has been well.  I've been having an internal debate about whether to continue with my blog especially since so many people have migrated to social media.  For now, I'm going to try to keep up with WIP Wednesdays and will see how it goes from there.


  1. Susan Rambo looks great; very nice progress! I hope you will continue with your blog for those of us who don't use other social media.

    Robin in Virginia

  2. I hope you will continue your blog Susan - it's how I keep up with you, I find FB so impersonal. I have so many friends I met thru blogging who really are friends, most I have never met in person. We share triumphs in needlework, sorrow in loss, joy in births marriages and so forth. I am so looking forward to seeing you next month. I trust you will bring your lovely Susan Rambo to show off to everyone. We're all still here - Mel

  3. I've missed your blog and look forward to WIP Wednesdays. Susan Rambo looks wonderful!

  4. Beautiful progress shot! I hear you on the whole blogging thing. I love instagram myself -- never or rarely go on facebook. But I think I'd miss my blog. I think your idea of WIP Wednesdays is excellent.

  5. Susan Rambo is such a pretty sampler! You've made good progress.

    I'm not blogging as much either but I find that sometimes you need to say more than IG allows. A blog is good for that!

  6. Your sampler is looking lovely.
    I do go on FB but much prefer blogs.

  7. I've been having that same debate. Trying to keep up with the blog but find it easier to make the quick posts in other places. Blogging is writing, and more time consuming. FB is blurbing with pictures!

  8. You can stitch! It looks awesome!


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