Good Intentions

Looking at my last post, I realized I had every intention of posting twice a week for Wednesday WIPs and Friday Finishes/  Then winter hibernation and a post-holiday haze set in, and my blog went silent.  I don't even have the excuse of being busy as my husband and I have been hanging around the house.  I've cleaned out a closet or two and read a lot.  We made a weekend trip to Charleston to watch our son run a marathon and I went to a weekend stitching retreat, but other than that it seems we have barely left our house.  That seems to be changing as I went out for coffee and breakfast with two different friends last week and I'm headed to lunch with another friend today.  My husband and I have subscriptions to local theaters and we attended two performances last week.  Perhaps these are signs that spring is on the way.  I'm not taking any chances that means my posts will be more frequent so I'll give you both  a Wednesday WIP and a Friday finish today.


Completed March house and start of April house on Blackbird Designs Anniversaries of the Heart

Finished Pine Mountain pillow

Edited to add:  I forgot to mention that three stitching friends and I took a trip to the Morven Museum in Princeton, NJ in early January.  They have a wonderful exhibit of  New Jersey samplers that is absolutely worth seeing.  If you can't go, but are interested in the samplers from this area, the catalog is well-done and would be a great addition to a library.


  1. AotH is looking good! I need to pull mine out again. I've been knitting more than anything it would seem.

    A bit of hibernating sounds good to me but I'm still working! With it being winter, it's probably quite the production to get out and about some days. I could use a snow day myself! :)

  2. glad to hear you are relaxing and enjoying the winter weather thru your windows. I hate to report is 72 and sunny here in NE FL. your little pine mt pillow is so cute. Hope you continue to enjoy your slower pace and have a great week - Mel

  3. Oh I love that little pillow finish! And AotH looks great too! Glad you have gotten out with friends and all. Can you believe I still haven't made it to the Morven exhibit? I'm going to miss it at this rate!

  4. Retirement getting in the way? I have had so many friends wonder how they managed to have time work once they retire. Many it is decompressing or hibernation! Like your progress on BD Anniversaries of the Heart. Glad to hear Morven is worth the trip. Pat, Carol, Barb and I are going up in March.

  5. Great progress on AoTH and the little pillow is cute.

  6. I am happy about the house stitching and the pillow looks cute. I am sure you will tame the houses yet.


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