Friday Freeze

According to the thermometer, it's 1 degree here today.  The wind chill factor makes it feel like -15.  I need to go out this morning to my quilt guild meeting, but then I'm going to spend the afternoon in front of the fire thinking warm thoughts and stitching.  Remembering this beach on the island of Hawaii should help.

Today's Friday finish will keep those warm thoughts going as well.  It's one of three shell canvases I  purchased on our trip to Sanibel after Christmas in 2011.  The plan was to do one for each of the kids and give them as presents the following Christmas.  Yes, well...I now have two of them done.


 Stay warm, everyone!


  1. Love your finish! I love seashells -- need to think about the ocean and warm sun and green colors. lol!

  2. love your Friday finish Susan - can you believe I've never been to Sanibel !!! Even the beaches here can't make you feel warm - we were in the 20's here this morning and that is PRETTY cold for some in NE FL but I personally love it !! now 1 degree might be a little different but for now - I am enjoying the heck out of it because they say back to 78 on Sunday BOOOOOO
    Enjoy your fire and your warm and "wooley thoughts" Mel

  3. I hope it won't get too chilly there.


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