EGA Challenge, Part 1

I'm now a member of the duClay Chapter of the EGA in Jacksonville, Florida, since I'm going to be joining them for an Ellen Chester class in February.  I can't tell you how excited I am about that!  I feel as if I already know some of the members from their blogs or postings on bulletin boards and can't wait to meet them in person.  If you know me well in real life, you would know that going to Jacksonville for a weekend is somewhat out of character for me.  I tend to dither about how guilty I feel spending the money and leaving my husband home alone.  But as I near 60 and retirement, I seem to be adopting a new attitude and when this opportunity came up, I decided to just go for it.  I'm sure it will be a fantastic experience.
The deClay EGA seems to be an active chapter and although I can't attend their meetings, I can participate in this year's challenge.  Participants may choose up to 10 projects and assign a value of $1-5 to them depending upon the size and stage of completion.  Completed projects will earn entries in the year-end drawing equal to the dollar value assigned (e.g. $5 values earn 5 entries).  The drawing will be held at the holiday party when the winner will take home half of the money collected.  What a fun way to contribute to the chapter and have an incentive to get some things completed.  I've had a lot of fun choosing the projects and made a happy discovery while getting them ready to be photographed.  When I hung my Advent tree with its Kathy Schenkel needlepoint ornaments this year, there were four left to be put on the it.  I would have sworn that I still had four left to stitch and went into a mild panic when I could only find the three you see above in my project bag.  A search ensued and the fourth ornament was finally found--in my pile of completed projects!  It's time to finish up the rest of the ornaments and get them off to the finisher so I can have a full tree next December.


  1. I'm looking forward to Ellen's class next month too! I hope we have some beautiful winter weather for you when you come down - it's been sunny and 80 or almost 80 for the last couple of days. I'm probably putting in Anniversaries of the Heart-though I'm not sure how realistic it is to think I might finish it. Looking forward to seeing you next month!

  2. OMG Good for you! I had to scroll up to make sure I was on the correct blog when I was reading that you joined the EGA Chapter in Florida. We will all want to hear about your class and trip. Now if you want to do Lavendula (the class BJ was speaking of) you only have to pay $3 and not the $45 fee (in addition to the class cost). You know that tricky little line that says you need to be a members in order to participate in the class.
    Have a great trip. I do hope you enjoy yourself!

  3. Good for you for signing up for the EGA! I'd love to take a class with Ellen too.

  4. That sounds like such fun--good for you for doing the class!

  5. Have a great time at Ellen's class, she's a wonderful teacher

  6. Susan I'm sorry I missed your wonderful blog post in which you described so eloquently our chapter challenge for 2013. We are so happy to have you in our chapter and so glad you are participating in the challenge. Class is just 3 weeks + and we are counting the days. We are excited to have you join us for this class - I assure you it will not be the last time you come to visit your friends in duClay
    Hugs Mel


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