A New Start

You probably didn't notice (or maybe you all are just too polite to say anything), but I didn't stitch much this fall.  It was a combination of things including being very busy at work with my new assignment, incorporating more exercise into my schedule, and a persistent problem with my right shoulder.  Not to mention that I tend to fall asleep as soon as I sit down to stitch!  So most nights, I was putting one to two strands into my piece before I had to call it quits.  Not conducive to progress and therefore, not too much to show on this blog. 

The shoulder problem is mostly resolved, thanks to physical therapy.  However, I was still feeling some twinges when I was stitching.  I thought that using a stand would help by changing the motion of stitching slightly and/or allowing me to keep my right arm still if I could learn to stitch with my left hand on top of the piece and my right hand under.  I'm happy to say that the new stand that was under the Christmas tree for me does the trick!  I'll post more on this wonderful addition to my stitching life later, but for now you cam see that I'm making some actual stitching progress!  This is my start on The Scottish Band Sampler from Scarlet Letter (started on Christmas Day).  Even though the start of the "B' is in the wrong place and will have to be restitched, I feel I'm moving along nicely on this piece.  It's being stitched with the recommended AVAS silks and a 30-count linen that was included in the kit.  The linen is a larger count than I would normally choose, but I decided to keep it because the bottom section of this sampler is stitched in the Hungarian or flame stitch.  I figured I would need the large count to see where to place the stitches, as I understand it's a challenging pattern.

Happy New Year to all of my readers!  May it be a year full of stitching fun and finished projects!


  1. This is such a gorgeous sampler -- I love that border so much! I'm glad the new stand is helping with the stitching. Happy New Year!

  2. You've made a GREAT start to the Scottish Band Sampler! I'm glad the new stand is helping with your shoulder pain. I often wonder if I would enjoy a stand but I end up stitching in bed frequently and I don't see how it would work there. Happy New Year!

  3. Great start on a beautiful sampler. I hope your shoulder problems ease soon. Happy New Year!

  4. Wonderful start!! Hopefully your shoulder will behave and the new stand will help!
    Have a wonderful New Year!

  5. WOW Susan - beautiful new start ! I am glad to hear your new stand seems to resolve your shoulder strain. Hope you are able to at least get in your 2 strands a day - I am amazed how much progress you make with that process. I have those 6 Fat Men (snowmen by Lizzie Kate) that I keep at work for evening hours when I get stuck and it is amazing how much progress I have made just by doing a strand or two at a time. Happy New Year to you ! mel

  6. Great start to your sampler, it's looking lovely

    1. I agree. I am sad for the shoulder issues, but I am glad you have found a solution for that too.

  7. Glad the new stand has helped with the shoulder. Looking forward to seeing your new contraption! As well as your progress.

  8. Wanted to say what a beautiful sampler this is so far. I need to go search for this one to see the rest, but I like what I see here so far!

    I too have a problem with my shoulder (bursitis) which seems to come and go. I usually have my right arm propped up with two or more pillows when stitching! Lol. But supposed to get a new stand delivered today which I'm excited about. I hope I can master the trick of two handed stitching! You are supposed to place your dominant hand under the project, right? I know I read about it someplace - now just need to get the hang of it! Lovely blog. Hope you're feeling better.


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