Rehab is Working!

Here's Block #3 in the Fat Quarter Shop's 2009 Designer Mystery.  I tell you, I have totally amazed myself with being able to piece these blocks.  I think this is the most complicated block I have done to date.  Only some minor re-sewing was involved this time as I had to switch the "wings" on the top and bottom flying geese.  That's because I took this block to piece at my guild's UFO workshop on Saturday and didn't pay attention to the directions.  I did have lots of fun talking to friends on either side of me which is also why it took me nearly half the day to get this block done. 

And speaking of those "amazing" piecing skills--well, not so much with my Thimbleberries block of the month.  The top went together like a dream.  So did the first strip of half square triangles for the border.  The second strip of triangles needed some adjustments in the seam to make it fit, but that was really no big deal.  I got the top and bottom borders on and then looked more carefully when I started to put the side borders together.  Do you notice that strip of green in the middle of the border?  It was supposed to be cut 4.5 inches wide, not 2.5 inches.  OK, nothing to panic about as the quilt shop put a genorous amount of fabric in the kit.  After some time with my seam ripper, I re-sewed the border and found that I had attached those half square triangles upside down.  So there was yet another opportunity to use the seam ripper.  I finally got both the top and bottom borders reattached and put on one of the side borders.  Which took forever because I am now paranoid about it not fitting correctly and about the orientation of the triangles so I was obsessively pinning, checking and re-pinning.  All the while, I was muttering to myself about how I could have just put a plain border on.  The reason I didn't do that was because I wanted to improve my skills.  I think they're improved alright, especially the skill of using the seam ripper. 

So by now, I'm completely out of love with this quilt and tempted to stash it away until it becomes a vintage UFO.  But all it needs is one side border (only 66 more half square triangles!) and another plain border and then it will be ready for the quilter.  My plan is to devote one hour a day to this top until it's finished.  I have one week left before I start back to work and unless there is a significant amount of re-sewing, I should be able to show you  next week that BOM Rehab has been successful.


  1. Don't stop! You're so close to finishing that quilt. You will be back in love with it when you don't have your face 6 inches from it for hours on end. It's really pretty. (I must admit that is a frustrating series of events. Good thing it happened at the end of the quilt...)

    And your 2009 square is just as pretty as the last one. Can't wait to see it all finished.

  2. Your 2009 DM BOM is such a beautiful block... I could see a whole quilt made with that star! Your other project for Rehab is beautiful too. I love that border and am trying to keep a mental image of it for future projects! I totally understand being out of love with it... but once it's finished, you might rekindle the spark!

  3. Oh gosh, how discouraging! I hate when those kinds of mistakes happen. You get so frustrated, you just want to throw the whole thing in the garbage! lol! But it's sooooooo pretty! I hope you stick with it and finish it. Love the block too!

  4. Love Block #3... I'm so sorry that the border is giving you fits. I think you've got a good plan on getting that quilt top finished.

  5. Oh, golly, I've got that BOM Mystery 2009 and have totally lost interest in it. I'm proud of you for sticking with it. The fabrics just don't do anything for me since I took the not-from-one-line pledge. I spent a fortune on it; I really should just suck it up and enjoy learning the new blocks, if nothing else! Your block is beautiful.

  6. Keep up the great work on the Thimbleberries! I did that same quilt and I love it. I did it in the bigger queen size, and it's going to be perfect for fall. You can do those HSTs, really, you can!

  7. Your BOM's are looking great and you're so close on the Thimbleberries

  8. I too am now doing the same 2009 BOM. Beware block 4 has errors in the directions. Where it says to cut 2 7/8 it should be 2 1/2.


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