BOM Rehab

I completed Block 2 in the Fat Quarter Shop 2009 Mystery BOM.  I love the colors!  I'm getting better at doing the layout correctly the first time, but there was still some re-sewing involved in this block.  Still, these are fun and I'm looking forward to the next one. 

The last three weeks have been hectic here as my son got accepted into graduate school on his birthday (exactly three weeks ago) and started his graduate assistantship today.  My husband and I accompanied him on the 21 hour drive to his new home near the Mississippi last week.  His Honda Civic was stuffed with an amazing number of his things.  I reminded my son more than once that I am a genius at packing and got rewarded with an eye roll each time.  Seriously, if there was an Olympic medal for packing, I would win gold hands down. Of course, there wasn't too much room in the back seat and for awhile, I doubted that I would ever be able to walk normally again after the trip.

I found myself wondering more than one time during this journey how we ever functioned without the internet.  My son was able to order furniture and set up a new bank account online.  I used the 'net to scout apartments before our first visit last week and to find  a place to stay in Tennessee on the first night of this trip. We used my phone's GPS countless times to navigate our way around a new city.  My husband and I had some fun remembering the "old days" of how we found our first apartment and learned to negotiate our way around without the benefit of technology.  Again, the eye roll from our son.
It was hard to leave yesterday, but we feel we left our son in good hands.  During both visits, we experienced plenty of Southern hospitality and everyone at the university was very helpful in getting our son settled.  The two days we spent setting up the apartment were busy and we didn't get to do any sightseeing this trip, or visit the needlework and quilt shops. We're planning a return visit during the winter as the current 95 degree weather with about 96% humidity made it tough to enjoy being outside. We did get plenty of great seafood and bread pudding, one of my favorite desserts.   We also returned with some new purple and gold clothing with the university's logo and a new football team to cheer for (Go Tigers!).    And there was a new quilt kit with purple and gold fabric and a tiger paw design waiting for me in the mail held during our absence.


  1. Love your 2nd block! Glad your DS is all settled in his new apartment and ready for grad school. It really is weird to think back to when we didn't have this technology. I so agree!

  2. We are two peas in a pod. I am also a fantastic packer. Perhaps next Olympics we could be a team. Maybe take the gold! I also love bread pudding!

    You block is so pretty I just love the colors.

  3. Such a bittersweet trip and time for a parent.....proud of your child but also missing them. Love your quilt square!

  4. Nice square. I am glad everything went fine. I mean your son.


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