WIPocalypse #7

Heart in Hand 2004 Christmas Keepsake Ornament

Quaker Christmas

Sanibel canvas

My plan this month was to work on Not For Us Alone, but early in the month, I picked up Quaker Christmas and kept going.  It's nice not having to change thread colors all the time and I feel I've accomplished something each time I finish a motif.  The Sanibel canvas may be finished this weekend as we are making a short trip and have a five hour drive to get to our destination.  That's the perfect time to do the basketweave for the background.

Lots of things have been happening at my house, including my son's acceptance to graduate school and my daughter's preparations to study abroad for the entire year.  Somehow they seem to need my attention just when I'm ready to sit down to stitch.  I do have some quilting progress to show and will post that when I get back after the weekend.  Hope everyone is staying cool this summer!


  1. Ooh, you're making me want to pick up Quaker Virtues...

  2. Is that you looking slightly demented in the previous post, lol? No, definitely no clearing out while family are around, absolutely NO need for them to know the extent of your stash......
    I love mono stitching, I had to make a small gift for a friend and instead of finding the four or five threads required I used a lovely Waterlilies, finished in half the time!

  3. Beautiful WIPs! Sounds like you're having the sort of summer we're having -- trying to get the kids ready for their new lives! Busy busy, right? Good luck with it all -- hope the kids are happy in their new lives.

  4. Nice progress on Quaker Christmas. My stitching group met the other night and we decided to do Grace Mason as a stitch along! Oh boy!

  5. Congrats on your DS's accomplishments and wow your DD is going abroad - that is sure exciting. Love your Quaker Christmas WIP and the Sanabel Island np is really cute and I hope you do get time to put in a few stitches or maybe get a finish. Have a good week - Mel

  6. Great projects! My boys are the same way when I sit, they decide they need something ~ are you telling me that won't change!?! ;)


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