Friday Finish

X-block quilt

Close-up of block
Here's one of the quilts I took to the long-armer last summer.  As yet, it has no name.  This quilt was one of the projects from my monthly "scrap club" and I did indeed use some of the black and white prints in my stash.  The block is made with an X-block ruler.  In the case of this pattern, I made a nine patch and then placed the ruler so that the outside patches would be cut at an angle.  Those pieces were used in the border.  The whole time I was making the blocks, I thought about how to put a little color in the quilt.  My choices were running to lime green or yellow as I don't tend to like the red/black/white quilts I've seen.  Then I spotted this perfect red and black print and it all came together.  Good thing, as I wasn't loving this quilt in its pre-border stage.  Now it's a family favorite.  It resides on the back of our couch and each of the kids tried to make off with it when they were home for Thanksgiving.  And don't you think the long-armer used the perfect quilting pattern?


  1. Love it!!!! Love the red you threw in too -- it's perfect!

  2. Susan - Awesome. I think the red is great but could see it with the lime green or yellow or turquoise. I have the X-Block ruler but haven't used it yet. Got a set for each of my daughters' too. Nice job. Would love to see it in person.

  3. Great black and white quilt! Love the pop of red just on the border. I like the quilting too.


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