Remember how I said I was going to able to live with my initial and the year being off center on bottom panel of the the PFH (Etui) ? Well I lied. It does bother me and today I saw another way to finish the bottom at my sampler guild meeting. I like it a lot better than what I did, so I'll be frogging. Will this project never end?


  1. so many times I have thought I could live with something just not quite right...that's where my eyes go immediately. I would have fixed it to (maybe)...good luck with the finishing...and beautiful finish!!

  2. It will end and when it does you will be so much happier with your decision to fix what you didn't really like! Good luck!

  3. Yes, it will end and it will be beautiful!!

  4. Oh no! I think I am glad I missed that meeting. If it is bothering you that much, you will be happier in the long run. My standards are so much lower! lol I still haven't started my finishing. I am 'afraid' to cut the lining fabric for fear I will mess up the measurements. I am thinking need a whole uninterrupted Saturday to take the plunge. I am curious to know what was so different. I saw Pat L. finish this week and NEVER even looked at the bottom!

  5. Susan, I just discovered your blog. What wonderful work you do! Love the etui and can't wait to see it put together. Do you do your own finishing? Not me, I send my to Deb and let her do her magic as I am quite inept.

    I was browsing thru previous entries and read your comment about finding and author and reading their books from the beginning - it's nice to find someone who does this, it makes me feel less ocd :-) I just love mystery novels! My new favorite is Vince Flynn - have you read his books?

    Enjoy your week.

  6. I wish you success with the project, whatever it is you must do with it. Oh, and one stitch at a time is the best way to go.


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