Quick, Before It's Gone!

I got four (4!) quilts back from the quilter* last week and that has meant a whole lot of binding. Here's a photo of the first one I completed--ignore the shadow from the tree in the upper right. I found the kit at a quilt show a few years ago and knew it was perfect for my second son who loves to snack. The finished quilt is now on his bed, but he's coming home for fall break this weekend and I'm sure this will go back to college with him.

Thanks, everyone, for your encouraging comments on weight loss and exercise. It does help to have my husband to walk with. We have an on-going joke about who has to pull whom out the door every day.

*Someone told me once that there are quilters and then there are piecers. I'm definitely a piecer and think life is too short to do my own quilting.


  1. I love it, Susan and I know he will too!! Hope he doesn't stain it with too many snacks, at school, though!!

  2. I love it! What a great quilt for the snacker! Hopefully he won't mess it up too much because it such a great quilt!


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