Retreat, Part 2

I've  been inspired  by Syd's posts to give the promised re-cap of the October retreat in Ocean City, Maryland.  My friend and I started out early Thursday morning and stopped in Berlin, Maryland for lunch.  We had heard great things about the town and it didn't disappoint.  There are a  number of  antique malls and we explored a few of them as well as an upscale gift store.  Then it was on to Ocean City to check into the Lankford Hotel.   We normally head right to Salty Yarns for a shopping trip, but this time, we saved that for the next day. 

I settled on three projects for retreat and put some stitches in all of them.  Most of my time was spent on adding another part to Blackbird Designs Anniversaries of the Heart.  During the weekend, I completed the third section despite having to do some frogging because I was off by one thread in the border.  Fudging it would have been too noticeable so I gritted my teeth and re-stitched.
Once that was done, I started on Blue Ribbons Designs Quilted Garden.  I love the colors and quilt motifs, and wanted to do this even more after I saw it hanging in the lobby at the Lankford.  What you are seeing in this picture is my second start.  The first time, I didn't leave enough margin for framing so I turned it upside down and started again.  This looks like a long-term project!

Finally, I started Plum Street Samplers' Turkey Love.  Her primitive designs are growing on me and they are fun to stitch.  So far, all I've done is the heart and the top of the house.

(Sorry, poor lighting as it gets dark sooo early these days!)

It always seems like the retreat weekend is over way too soon!  I'm sure I could have finished one of these projects if I had just had one more day!  All of these had to be put aside to complete the pre-stitching for the Chessie and Me class I took yesterday.  I'll be working on an exchange piece and some Christmas ornaments next so all of these projects will have to wait until 2015.  (Or maybe 2016 as I almost forgot to mention that my big purchase at Salty Yarns was the NPI silks I'll need to start the Susan Rambo sampler on New Year's Day.) 


  1. All your projects look great! Glad you had a good time! now are you going to report on this Chessie and Me class? :D

  2. Susan Rambo is a great selection for a NY start. I'm looking forward to seeing your pics of it in silk. Great projects that you worked on at retreat and retreat sounds like it was fun. I'd love to hear more about your Chessie & Me class!

  3. It sounds like you had a good time retreating! Nice progress on your pieces! Enjoy the week!

    Robin in Virginia

  4. Is Susan Rambo going to be a 2015 challenge piece ???? Hope so . . . . she was a finish in our challenge last year and is sure a beauty. Glad you had fun at your retreat weekend. Enjoy a great week ! Mel

  5. You are right, retreat weekends are always shorter than regular weekends (those including laundry and dusting), and they are waaaaaaay shorter than Mondays!

    Congrats on your progress and thanks for inviting me to be friends on Goodreads. I promise blogposts soon on my adventures at Bouchercon the U.S. national mystery convention which was last week in Long Beach,CA. Next year it's in Raleigh... not too far for you :)

  6. Hey Susan -- thanks for the brilliant idea of pack what you could leave behind in books..... I wish I had family that would (or was old enough) to read what I do ;-) ... soon that may work.

  7. I am glad you had such a great time.


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