Making Progress

Wow, less than two months between posts from me--shocking, I know!  It's been a great summer with lots of gorgeous days and cool nights.  We have wonderful memories from our trip to Germany and Vienna at the end of June although it took me quite a bit of July to get back into a routine.  I've been doing a little bit of quilting and little bit of stitching most days along with a lot of reading.  In my stitching life, I've been focusing on one project, Carriage House Samplings Alphabet, and here's my progress to date.
 I'm hoping for a finish in the next two weeks so I can show this off at my guild meeting. 

On the quilting front, I putting together these blocks for a lap-size quilt.  (They are laid out on my "design floor" as I call the ugly green carpet in my basement and are not outside on the grass!)
The blocks were all made last year and then got put aside for another project.  Toes in the Sand has about half the binding sewn on, and I'm planning to do the rest during the Univ. of Miami/Louisville game on Monday night (Go Canes!).  I also spent some time this week making proJaject bags.  My first one is slightly wonky, so it will be mine.  I learned from my mistakes and managed to make the fabric panel straighter on the second one which will be a gift for a friend.   Also managed not to sew the zipper on the wrong way on the second one and remembered to check to see that it was OK before I top-stitched.  The second one took me less than an hour and cost around $8-9.  Since my LNS sells similar ones for $25-30, I'm glad I took the plunge and learned how to do this.  Thanks again to Jackie for telling me about ZipIt, a good source for lower-priced zippers on Etsy.
Nothing too earth-shattering here and the kids are all fine.  Hope all of you are doing well, too.


  1. Love your CHS alphabets! Love that quilt WIP too -- the colors are wonderful! Nice project bag too! Love that flip flop fabric!

  2. Your CHS Alphabet is looking wonderful! I have no doubt you'll meet your goal of getting it done before your guild meeting.

    Glad you were happy with ZipIt! Where did you get the mesh fabric from?

  3. The quilt layout is really pretty Susan. CHS Alphabet is one of my favorites. Glad to see you are enjoying it and getting a lot done. Summer is winding down and I am sure glad. Fall can't get here soon enough. Enjoy the holiday weekend - Mel

  4. Your CHS alphabet is looking gorgeous, great progress. Your quilt layout is looking lovely


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