I've been silent on my blog for awhile, but good things have been happening during the past few months.

My daughter was seated among these graduates on May 10th in Washington, D.C.  We were so proud to see her walk across the stage and to celebrate a very successful college career.  The boys were with us for the weekend, too, so it was a special family time.  Although, as I told several of my friends, who knew that when I became a mother, I would also become a travel agent.  The boys were flying in from Baton Rouge and from Austin (where the older one had been for work the week before graduation).  I ended up helping them coordinate flight times to arrive in Philadelphia at approximately the same time, and then making sure we got one to the Philadelphia airport on time for the return to Baton Rouge and the other on a train back to New York.  It all worked out and my daughter came home from DC a few days later.  Just enough time to see a couple of friends and repack to move to western Massachusetts.  Which meant another weekend on the road for us, and a chance to explore a part of the country we had never been to.  We can't wait to go back to the Berkshires in the fall to see the foliage.

We were in Ocean City, Maryland the first weekend in June when I took the Edinburgh Etui class from Betsy Morgan.  I'll post more about that later, but I did come away with part of the project finished.  No pictures yet, as I'm not completely satisfied with my work and plan to redo part of it.  My husband enjoyed people-watching from the deck of our unit at the Lankford as well as having a friend come spend the day with him while I was in class. 

In the meantime, I finished one of my challenge pieces for the duClay EGA.  As you may recall, 99 Bottles is a piece that my husband selected for me to stitch and then requested progress updates just about daily.  He was thrilled to see it finished and we took it to the framers the very next day.
It actually was pretty fun to stitch and nice to have lots of small "finishes" as I completed each bottle.

As I write this, it's about 5:30am and I've been up since 2:00 due to jet lag.  We returned yesterday from a fabulous trip to eastern Germany, Prague and Vienna.   I missed stitching during the two weeks that we were away, so today I plan to nap and stitch!


  1. Congratulations to your daughter, and to you for a fantastic finish!

    1. Indeed! Congratulations to her and to you! You tamed those bottles! I knew you would.

  2. Great finish! I bet your husband was pleased! Congrats to your DD! lol about being a travel agent. Funny about that!

  3. Oh Susan, sounds like a blast having everyone together for your daughter's graduation. Congrats to her. I know you are proud. You have been a busy person. I bet your trip to Germany, etc. was fantastic. You will have to share some photos here. Love, love the 99 bottles of bear. I think I need to stitch it for me son-in-law after a few more completions of the many WIP's first.

  4. How'd you ever find the time to work?! :)

    It's so very sweet that your husband was so invested and interested in 99 Bottles!

    Congrats on your daughters graduations!

  5. Glad all the organising paid off!

    99 Bottles is a great design, congratulations on finishing it.

  6. Susan - sounds like your have been crazy busy this summer. Congrats on your DD's graduation and new position in Mass. Also congrats on finishing a duClay challenge piece. YGG - hope you have time for stitching and relaxing and I am anxious to hear about your etui class and your travels. take care mel


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