Scottish Band Sampler

Progress continues on the Scottish Band Sampler (Scarlett Letter).  I had set a goal of finishing this by the end of August-ha!  As predicted in the instructions, the flame stitch is "quite challenging."  For me, it was not the actual execution of the stitch, but the placement.  What I have done follows the chart, but doesn't look like the picture of the finished piece.  After frogging and restitching twice, I'm going with what I have now.  I'm sure it will be OK and as long as I don't display the picture from the chart next to my completed sampler, no one will be the wiser. 

Since I last posted, we  made a trip to retrieve our daughter from her summer internship on the coast of Maine.  She stayed with her boyfriend's family who very graciously showed us around the area during the weekend we were there, and treated us to a fabulous meal of lobster.   Our daughter was home for three days and then we packed up the car and moved her into a house (occupied by six other students who share one bathroom!) in DC for her final year of college.  Our older son was home for Labor Day weekend and our middle son will be home next weekend as he is running a marathon in our area.  Just wish they could all be here at the same time!

I woke up this morning with a smile on my face when I realized that it is the first Tuesday in September and I am not going back to school.  That meant I could set my alarm for 6:30 instead of 5:30 and I can have a leisurely cup of coffee before I head to the gym.  Last Monday, during the inservice days at my former school district,  one of the speech therapists texted me about the boring meeting she was in.  I texted back about my plans to get my nails done and read a book the rest of the afternoon.  I have no doubt that retirement was the right decision and I am really enjoying this time!


  1. The flame stitch section looks very well placed!

    It sounds like you've been busy with family! If it hasn't sunk in that you're retired I'm sure it has by now with school back in session and not having those super busy preplanning days. Nails and a book sounds delightful!

  2. I'm so glad you are enjoying your retirement! Fun that you're getting visits in with your kids too, albeit not all at once. Love your Scottish Band Sampler. I so want to do this one too!

  3. Your Scottish sampler is looking gorgeous, great progres


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