Making Progress

In the past few weeks, I've settled into a bit more of a routine and I'm accomplishing quite a bit on the home front.  I don't know about your house, but ours seems to accumulate piles of papers.  In between lunching with friends (most of whom will, sadly, have to return to work at the end of August), I've managed to put a lot of that paper in the recycling bin or file it away.  So our house is looking somewhat less cluttered.

I've also settled into a bit of a stitching routine and am usually able to work on quilting for a hour or two each afternoon, and stitching for around two hours in the evening.  I have a quilt almost assembled so I'll so I hope to show that in my next post.  But the star of today's post is my progress on the Scottish Band Sampler (Scarlet Letter).  I'm nearly done with all those letters and the double running stitch around them. 

The scalloped section below the letters is charted for eyelets.  I'm not much of a fan of the eyelet stitch so I auditioned a rice stitch and a Smyrna cross (pink stitches on the left) as alternatives.  The rice stitches  seemed too heavy and I just didn't like the Smyrna, so I'll be doing hundreds of eyelets.  Then it will be on to the flame stitch.  I'm hoping to finish this one by the end of August.  


  1. It's so beautiful! I really love this piece. The eyelets will be worth doing! Glad you are settling into a good routine. Looking forward to seeing your quilt!

  2. Lovely stitching for a great design :)

  3. This looks like another great one. We are all still struggling alone with Grace Mason so I dare not like this one too much. Glad you are settling into retired life. Bet you will really feel it when the school year starts without you. Do enjoy!

  4. What a wonderful stitching. Love it so much.

  5. It's looking gorgeous, great progress

    Glad to hear you've got a good stitching routine sorted :)

  6. The Scottish sampler is coming along beautifully - Love the deep rich colors. Glad you are settling into a happy routine and getting lots done around the house. It must be marvelous not to have to worry about getting ready to go back to school soon. Cheers Mel

  7. Beautiful stitching!
    Happy weekend (:

  8. So happy to have wandered onto your wonderful blog! The Scottish Band Sampler has been on my'to-do' list for ages, so I will follow your progress with great interest.


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