EGA Challenge Part 2

Lily of the Valley egg

Harvest Time by Laura J. Perin

Quaker Christmas by ByGone Stitches


When last I left you (can it really be almost a month ago?), I was listing the projects that I hope to complete for the duClay EGA Chapter's challenge.  Here are three more.  That egg on the top is part of a series of twelve that were kits of the month a long while back at Fireside Stitchery, one of my LNSs.  I, of course, have all the kits, but what you see above is all that is stitched on any of them.  I got intimidated by the amount of compensation I need to do for the background stitches and put it aside.  I pick it up now and then, but find I spend so much time looking at where I left off that I don't get anything done.  So I just need to dedicate myself to working on this, and perhaps going out to Fireside (no affiliation) for some assistance.

Harvest Time is a Laura J. Perin design that she offered as a three-part class online in the fall.  I have read all the instructions from the class, but just haven't executed them.  It went pretty quickly when I did stitch on it, but I got sidetracked by Christmas stitching and preparations.

Finally, I hang my head in shame that Quaker Christmas is still not done.  I love stitching each motif and feel as if I  have accomplished something when each one is done.  Using primarily one color makes the stitching go faster as well.  Again, I just need to put some time in on this.

I have managed to get in some time on Maryland Inspiration and Scottish Band Sampler, although not nearly as much as I would like.  Work has been crazy busy and I have actually had to bring work home several nights a week in order to stay on top of reports and lesson plans.  That cuts into my stitching time too much, so I'm hoping the craziness ends soon!

It's been cold this winter in Pennsylvania, but my husband and I have been kept warm by the memory of our trip to Baton Rouge in mid-January to watch our middle son run in the Louisiana Marathon.  He placed first in his age group with a time of 3:05:15. When we saw him round the corner near the finish line and realized he was in the top 25, we were beyond thrilled..  This is the kid who ran last for his team in nearly every race in high school and college, but loved running so much he kept at it. Just shows what you can do when you put your mind to it!

Until next time, happy stitching!


  1. No need to hang your head in shame! Quaker Christmas looks beautiful! You're clearly enjoying it!

    You've added some great projects into our Chapter Challenge! I'm looking forward to meeting you in just three weeks!

  2. That's really cool about your son! Wow! Good for him! Love your projects. What matters is enjoying what you are stitching, right?

  3. Congrats on your DS's accomplishment with his running. It's a great story and to hear he was never good at it going thru school but kept with it. Can't wait to see you - won't be long now! email me your plans when you have time. Love that Quaker Christmas - glad you put it in the challenge. Mel

  4. What a great story about your son and his running. That's fantastic! Love your projects, and good for you with QC! The main thing is that you're enjoying yourself, no matter what you work on.

  5. Good for your son. You've chosen some lovely projects for the challenge

  6. Harvest Time is a gorgeous project. I bought the chart also, just haven't been brave enough to take a try at it yet. Also love your Quaker Christmas. I started the second design with the Christmas carol titles incorporated into it, but I haven't finished nearly as much as you have. Beautiful work.

  7. Looks like you're doing pretty well to me! I have Quaker Christmas in my stash but really don't know if I'll ever stitch it - it's a big one and so many others are calling for attention too. You'll get it done someday I'm sure!


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