Unspeakable Sorrow

Around 9:00 this morning, I was outside an elementary school supervising our students' arrival.  I noticed that a car had stopped in the street and a parent was letting her kindergarten child get out and walk between parked cars to get to the sidewalk.  I approached the car and asked the woman to park her car and let our crossing guard take the child across the street.  I reminded her that we are always trying to keep our children safe.  I hope that mother gave her daughter an extra hug this evening.  Parents of twenty children in Conneticut will never have that chance again.


  1. Many should be more appreciative of the little everyday moments they share with loved ones. I hope she thinks twice next time. Those of you in the school system hold our children lives and safety in your hands the larger part of each day and care so much for our children. Thank you!


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