Summer's End

I'm enjoying a leisurely morning.  I've finished a book (The Thread of Truth by Marie Bostwick) and gone to the gym (spin class--never gets easier no matter how many time I do it).  Everyone else in the house had a late night and all are sleeping in, allowing me a few more moments before I need to get ready to go to the mall with my daughter.  She's headed off to Scotland at the end of the week and doesn't think the winter coat she bought two weeks ago will be warm enough.  So we need to look again.  Today is our designated packing day.  Remember I'm a genius at packing so we will be sure to get the maximum amount into those suitcases for my little clotheshorse.  (She inherited that trait from my husband.  I'm a jeans and T-shirt person myself.  Buying clothes just doesn't compare to acquiring books and needlework stash.)

Last week I endured four days of inservice at school.  It's great to be back and see everyone, but it really is torturous to sit through all those meetings when I have sooo many other things to do to get ready for the kids.  They start tomorrow and I'm eager to see them all again.  As you might expect, working cut into my sewing time.  I did manage to get the fourth block done for the Fat Quarter Shop 2009 Mystery Designer Quilt and I'm still loving the fabrics.  Construction is taking me a little less time with each block so I'm also happy that my skills are improving.  I put in an hour on the Thimbleberries border and made 54 of the half-square triangles.  One strip of 27 is sewn together and ready to be measured.  In other quilting news, I got a baby quilt back from the longarmer, put the binding on it and have nearly three sides sewn down.  We're still waiting to hear news of the birth, but I'm planning to put the quilt in the mail this week. 

Quaker Christmas got some attention during the University of Miami/Boston College game on Saturday afternoon.  As I've mentioned before, the only sport that I watch is college football.  My son, the UM alum, was home to watch the game with us.  It wasn't going well early in the first quarter and I was a little vocal about the lack of defense on UM's team.  My son told me he thought it was going to be a long season and suggested I save something for later games.  Fortunately, the 'Canes proved him wrong and won the game. 

Our middle child got through Hurricane Isaac down in Louisiana without any problems, except maybe the boredom caused by not having any internet service for few days. 

Hope all is well in your world, too!


  1. Each block you share it better than the one before! You make me long to get up into my stitching room and sit at my machine. Good luck with your daughter. Hope she finds the right coat!

  2. Great progress! Doesn't it feel good? Be careful about that packing for Scotland! I'm like you -- can fit the maximum of stuff into the minimum of space. But overseas luggage has a weight limit, no to mention that she'll be packing her own stuff to come home!

    Happy to hear that your middle child is safely through Hurricane Isaac!

  3. First off, that block is gorgeous! Sounds like your kids are doing well. Scotland -- wow, that's so cool! Glad you got warm clothes for her. Middle child -- lol, internet is such a necessity these days! btw, my DD is a clothes horse too. lol!

  4. Your block is looking lovely.

    The important thing for Scotland is to make sure the coat is waterproof!

  5. I just found your blog. Love seeing your stitching and quilting. Your block is beautiful!

  6. I am sure you'll tame that baby quilt and are able to mail it soon.


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