It's Just Fabric

Last fall, I decided to join the "Scrap Happy" club at my local quilt shop. It was to start in January and sessions are scheduled on the last Thursday of the month. I checked the store's website for a supply list a few times in December and didn't find one. I didn't think anything of it since the class description said we would be getting tips for organizing our scraps and making small projects out of them.

Then--surprise!--a few days before the first session, I thought to check again and found out that we were to have a pattern book and fabric ready to go for a full-size quilt. At the time, we were having some crummy weather and getting out was difficult. In fact, we had a snow day on the day of the first session. So, in the "scrappy" spirt of the class, I looked at my stash and took a bundle of fat quarters from the Frolic line of with me to class. I had splurged on the bundle last fall at the quilt show in Oaks just because I liked it. Twelve of those fat quarters have now been used to make shoo-fly blocks like the one above. I'll admit it was tough cutting into those lovely fat quarters and I had to keep reminding myself that "It's just fabric. You'll find more fabric that you love." I'm glad I talked myself into using them since this has been a fun quilt. I just need to make four corner blocks, assemble the top and add borders. I'm thinking there will be an update at the end of my spring break next week.


  1. It looks so cute! Love that floral fabric!

  2. Wow! Way to go to use that fat quarter bundle from your stash! Looking so pretty too!

  3. I'm laughing at the "just fabric" comment! I know exactly what you mean and have the same problem attempting to use gorgeous silk threads from my stash!

    1. And I have the same problem with my yarns! I have to remind myself it is just yarn and that I will get more of it from the local market.

  4. gosh Susan - I feel the same way when I cut into a big piece of linen that I have stashed - aaccckk - it hurts a little but isn't that what stash is for ???? and your stashed fabric is lovely - somehow I missed the Eiffel Tower quilt - OMG - gorgeous!!!!!! LOVE those colors - I'm sure your DD is ecstatic with it.

    I know you are looking forward to spring break - Have a good week - Melody

  5. That block is so cute! The fabric is very pretty!

    I hear you on the being unable to cut into lovely fabric. I struggle with that myself!

  6. I do love that fabric! Your block looks great!

  7. The fabric you selected works really well as a shoo-fly block. I need to remember your words - I'll find another line of fabric to fall in love with. SO true!


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