How Cute is This?

Last week, my good friend and I went to the AQS Quilt Show in Lancaster, PA. We're quilt show veterans so we arrived with shopping totes and bag lunches. We had a plan for which floor of the hotel to visit first. We had short lists of items we were looking for and vowed to spend some time actually looking at the quilts on display. There were some lovely Baltimore album quilts that were both hand appliqued and hand quilted. I love to look at them, but don't think that I'll ever attempt one. I recently bought Rosewood Manor's Baltimore Quilt crossstitch chart, though.

My plan was to buy a specific ruler and a bundle of eight fat quarters from one of my favorite vendors. That went out the window when I saw this cute, cute, cute potholder at the Traditions of White Swan booth. I snapped up the pattern (Hot Cakes! by Susie Shore Designs) and one of the kits. This project requires 2 10"x9" and 2 9"x6" pieces of fabric along with some InsulBrite and Warm and Natural batting and less than an hour of sewing. Great way to use up those fabric and batting scraps. I can see these done with various holiday themed fabrics. We have a lot of wedding showers at work and I think one of these potholders would be welcomed along with a muffin tin and cupcake supplies.

And as for the ruler and fat quarters? Didn't buy either of them, nor did we buy the X-block rulers we were considering. But I did manage to find yardage for the borders of a quilt in progress along with some novelty fabrics that I'll incorporate into a quilt for one of the kids eventually. The day didn't go quite as planned, but I would call it a success anyway.


  1. I'd have fallen for that pattern too - a great shower gift!

    1. The main thing is that you found a suitable present.

  2. darling pattern and I missed posting on your son's quilt in the previous post - very neat - I think we all hope to progress with each piece of needlework or hand work we do. How I wish I had the skill and patience to tackle one of those hand appliqued quilts - they are gorgeous. Melody

  3. Looks like you had a good time at the show. I love what you got -- It's always better to just go for what inspires you. Great stuff!

  4. Sounds like you had fun. The cupcake potholder gift idea is awesome.

  5. My mom's sewing group made these over the winter, and then Mom made miniature versions for my toddlers. They're so cute!

    C in DC

  6. I loved your cupcake!! That is so cute! I have a great niece who is three, and the moment I saw that I knew I had to use that for a pillow design for her. I am not sure how I will make it up, but I know it has to be a cupcake shape...she will absolutely love it! She's darling, and her name is EMma, and she whispers all the time when she talks to you ...just her way of communicating. Anyway, she finds something she loves and hauls it around with her everywhere. I think once I get this made she will be hauling her cupcake around too....which her mother will just love .... Thanks for all the great reads on your blog! I have really enjoyed seeing your work. Wish you lived close by and I'd get some quilting lessons from you . I've never quilted, but have plans to turn Rog's shifts and pants into quilts, and I could use a few classes on the basics. I do sew, so I known I won't be totally lost, and there is a quilt shop a few blocks from my house that I can run by and ask questions or get some help with projects I'm sure. YOu do lovely work!!! I also loved some of the photographs of places you have visited -- they look so quaint and peaceful. I also like the idea of a cupcake pot holder.. may have to work on that too for my nieces as a gift. They'd love it too... Cathy in NM


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