Out with the Old, In with the New

Several years ago when we were getting a new laptop for one of my children, the salesman tried to sell us a wireless printer. I recall making a "mom" remark to my son along the lines of "If you can't get up to walk over to the computer to print, then you really are lazy." Well, readers, it's time to eat my words. It all started when our desktop's hard drive filled up and I got a new laptop. It was a bit of an inconvienence to take the laptop to the printer, hook up the USB cable and print, but I lived with it. Then the printer gave up the ghost. It was a gradual decline. It copied one sheet as it always did, but subsequent copies began taking 15 or more minutes to exit the printer. Still I lived with it. Until I began to do my taxes and needed to print reams of on-line statements. It was time to get the wireless printer that came free with my daughter's laptop out of the box. It's new and shiny and finally, after, oh, five or six attempts at set-up that consumed 1.75 hours of my day off, we have joined the 21st century and can print wirelessly at our house. And I don't feel one bit lazy.


  1. Nice new toy!! Should I even admit that I didn't know there was such a thing as wireless printers??


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