"I love deadlines. I love the whooshing sound they make as they fly by." Douglas Adams

Here's my Keep Me Sampler (Moira Blackburn) in all it's wrinkled glory. I finally finished it on July 22nd after having it has a WIP since August of 2004. It wasn't finished in time for Robin's WIP Challenge but I can count it for my sampler guild's 2010 WIP "stitch-along." (Instead of doing a group project as a guild, we are each choosing a project to complete during the year.) After all this time, I still love the colors in this sampler. Here's a close-up of the willow tree that attracted me to this piece in the first place:

We had a willow tree near our garage for many years. Although it was a pain to clean the leaves off the driveway, we were sad to lose the tree in a storm and it's nice to have a memory of it. One other thing--this piece is heavy! It has a lot of solid stitching in it and that added weight.

The other deadline I missed was a 3 for 2 quilting special that my longarm quilter was offering. I have one quilt top entirely pieced and was racing to finish two other tops but things just weren't coming together. I did make some progress on a top that's been hanging around for about two years and now need to put borders on it. The other quilt is pieced and needs to have sashing and borders. So a couple of afternoons of sewing should take care of those. Pictures will follow in due time.

I certainly didn't mean to take a month off between postings. I blame it on long run of 90 degree or higher days we've been having here. In the interim between posts, I've read a lot, been to a college orientation for my daughter, finished unpacking my boxes at work, done a lot of deep cleaning of my house, had lunch with friends, gone to a quilt show and a couple of quilt shops and celebrated my younger son's 21st birthday--in short, really enjoying my time off from work. In addition, we've had some computer drama that resulted in having to purchase a spiffy new laptop (it has a red case!) and a new wireless router, both of which will make blogging much easier. I've kept up with all of you as best I could and it sounds like most of you are having a good summer, too.


  1. Susan! What a beauty, I love this sampler, have had it in my stash kitted up for a very long time!!!

    Stay cool, horrid heat needs to leave, don't you agree?

  2. The Keep Me Sampler is gorgeous. Congrats on your finish.

  3. What a beautiful finish! This is one of those pieces I'd love to stitch someday. Congratulations on finishing it! Hope you finish those quilts so you can send them off to be quilted!

  4. What a cool willow tree, I agree with you. I also have a newer laptop and only blogged for about two months before I purchased one (new to me - refurbished) and I wish I had a red case - how cool! It does make this easier - watching jeopardy and comfy on the couch while typing this. Looking forward to seeing your quilt finishes too!

  5. Oh Susan - I LOVE Keep Me - I think you and I started that together way back in 04 - I remember talking about it on WIP board on Legacy. Sounds like you are having a marvelous summer. Enjoy! Mel

  6. PS I finally resolved my IE problems and can now enjoy posting regularly on your blog so come back and visit us real soon - Mel

  7. Absolutely gorgeous finish, Susan! You should be so proud - it's stunning.

  8. That sampler is lovely! Congrats on the finish.


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