Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Retreat Part 1

I know I promised an update on all those projects I took to the retreat in Ocean City.  Progress was made, but I haven't had much time for photos or stitching.  We took another short trip up to the Berkshires in western Massachusetts to see our daughter and enjoy the fall foliage.  We hadn't seen our daughter since we moved her for her year as a creamery apprentice on a farm.  The trip didn't seem quite long enough, but she only has off one day a week.  We made the most of it by taking a trip up one of the mountains, going into Vermont to a pottery factory and an apple barn, and doing some needed shopping for her.  We also got in a visit to the Clark Art Institute which has some interesting new architecture. The foliage was gorgeous and we kept pointing out the views to each other.

At home, I stitched up this Pine Mountain pillow insert that I bought in Ocean City.  It's perfect for my son who is getting his master's degree in entomology (specifically, soybean pest management) and it's going in the mail to him later this afternoon.

Life is settling down a bit this week and next, so I'll get part two of the retreat pictures up soon.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Getting Ready for Retreat

At 9:00 tomorrow morning, I'll be on my way to my sampler guild's semi-annual retreat at Salty Yarns and the Lankford Hotel in Ocean City, Maryland.  These trips require more than a little bit of preparation.  About six weeks ago, I started pulling potential projects.  I knew that I wanted to start Blue Ribbon Designs Quilted Garden at the retreat since that piece is hanging on the walls in the hotel. 

I spent some time pulling the DMC threads from the nearly complete collection I have of my own threads and those I inherited from my mother.  And yet, I will need to buy some colors at Salty Yarns, so they went on my shopping list along with the NPIs I will need to start the Susan Rambo sampler in January.

From the possible "small" projects, I chose Turkey Love from Plum Street Sampler.  After all, it is beginning to be that season.
It's only 5" x 5" finished, so I should  be able to get it stitched this weekend, right?  I had the called for Belle Soie threads, but not the NPI silks so they were added to the shopping list. 
Another not so small project, Blackbird Designs' Anniversaries of the Heart, has been calling my name again, and the bonus chart in the Swan Lake leaflet (#7) doesn't look like it will take that long to stitch.  Another project was readied for retreat and more threads were added to the shopping list.
I cut and washed the fabrics and turned to  my stitching bag.  It's a Donna Sharp bag and
I love the pattern.  I tucked the shopping list inside and took a few minutes to clean it out.  Inside was this needlepoint canvas that is sooo close to being finished and is one of my duClay EGA challenge pieces.

So this obviously needs to come on retreat, too, since it's perfect for those late night stitching sessions when my eyes are tired. And then there was the project bag holding Drawn Thread's Prairie Garden that I started on my birthday in August and haven't touched since.  It's also a duClay challenge piece.
That definitely needs to stay in the bag.  The pre-stitch piece for the Chessie and Me class the guild is giving in mid-November will be delivered at the retreat.  I'm thinking I'll need another bag and I haven't even begun to pack clothes or food (I know my priorities!). 
There will be a report next week on what I accomplished in Ocean City.  I hope all of you have a happy stitching weekend!