WIP Wednesday

We are not so patiently waiting for spring to arrive in southeastern Pennsylvania.  Four nor'easters in March is just cruel and I've had enough of this cold weather.  The upside is that it makes it easy to stay inside and stitch.  I'm making progress on a few things, but for reasons not clear to me, I've had a hard time settling down with one project. 

I had the pleasure of taking two classes with Catherine Theron at the end of March.  You can see the projects she taught on the Salty Yarns website by clicking on the Events tab.  When I got home I was inspire to find the piece from the first class I took from Catherine at the Delaware Valley Historic Sampler Guild many (maybe 10??) years ago.  This will become a Quaker sewing case.

During class, I struggled putting in the black for the Florentine pattern which is why I put it away all these years.  After looking at it closely, I found and corrected several mistakes.  I filled in several of the diamonds while watching Villanova in their Final Four match-up.  Maybe I'll be able to stick with this until it's finished.

What's keeping you busy these days?


  1. Looking forward to seeing this progress.

  2. What a pretty piece you are working on! I hope you enjoyed your stitching weekend at Salty Yarns. I am currently working on ornaments.

  3. I'm looking forward to seeing your finish! :) I pulled out The Lady's Worke Box and have gotten the bulk of that stitching done. I'm enjoying it, though the last parts of the last panel is going very slowly. I've been going to bed earlier and that is negatively impacting my stitching time!

    I hope spring arrives soon!

  4. I’m about as far as you are on the Catherine Theron piece. Maybe you will inspire me to find it! 😉

  5. I love Catherine Theron! She has wonderful projects. Gorgeous work!

  6. Looking forward to seeing your progress on this piece. I've pulled Dorothy Walpole out to work on this month along with an online class from Jackie du Plessis 'One Moment in Time'


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